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Successful launch of the project: Construction of BCS-2 at the Dengizkul deposit

The end of the year for UzLITI Engineering was signified by the completion of the construction of the structure's complex of booster compressor station (BCS-2) at Dengizkul deposit in the Bukhara region. This facility will ensure the preparation and transportation of gas during the pre-production period. The project implementation began in 2020 when the institute's specialists began design work. The facilities were constructed by Enter Engineering. As a result, UzLITI Engineering carried out the full cycle of the base Construction of BCS-2 at the Dengizkul deposit project development. Highly specialized employees with extensive experience worked on equipment selection and development of questionnaires for it, made calculations of diameters and wall thicknesses, technical requirements, questionnaires for control valves, development of PFD. PID. schemes, and the material-technical base. In addition, line sheets, thermal insulation requirements and other documentation were prepared. BCS-2 includes the following main technological systems: - station system; - gas compression system; - gas treatment system for own needs; - fuel and buffer gas treatment system; - oil supply system; - system for preparation and supply of instrumentation air, pulse and separation air; - inert gas preparation and supply system; - liquid collection and transportation system; - flare system. During the step-by-step cleanup process, the natural gas is heated up to 164 °C and then cooled down to an acceptable temperature of 54 °C. The personnel operating this facility equipped with special suits and high temperature protection. The complex of facilities can last for more than 25 years. The launch of BCS-2 allowed to increase the daily gas volume by 6.5 million m3.