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  • FEED stage: Concept design — Feasibility study (FS), FEED
  • Design stage: Feasibility study, Part of the design to be approved, Basic design
  • Detailed design stage: Detailed design documentation for construction.
  • Field engineering
  • “As built” documentation
  • Consultative engineering

PMC (Project Management Consulting)

Support of procurement, construction and installation, commissioning activities

Delivery support

  • Technical support for deliveries
  • Evaluation of vendors’ proposals
  • Evaluation of vendors’ documentation

Construction support

  • Construction oversight and supervision over the quality of construction
  • Design supervision

Special sections

  • Calculation of explosion hazard categories
  • Fire safety: fire alarm systems, fire and gas detection, firefighting
  • Design of telecommunication networks
  • Design of PCS systems
  • Development of process regulations
  • Preparation of as-built and technical documentation
  • Development of the Industrial Safety Declaration
  • Development of EIA
  • Engineering and environmental surveys
  • Engineering and technical measures towards civil protection.
  • Construction management plan (CMP)
  • Other services