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General information

Uzliti Engineering was established in July 2017 and is the largest independent engineering company in Uzbekistan. Based on modern design technologies, the company ensures the implementation of competitive projects for oil and gas and other industry sectors.

Despite the young age of the company, the staff consists of experienced Uzbek and foreign specialists with solid international experience, knowledge of local and international design standards, and the ability to effectively use the latest software solutions.

Uzliti Engineering is the only engineering company in Uzbekistan:

  • with more than 60 foreign specialists out of 220;
  • equipped with modern equipment having no counterparts in Uzbekistan;
  • implemented BIM technology in the design process based on licensed software products, operating on the following principles:
    1. accurate calculation of parameters of process units;
    2. creation of intelligent process flow diagrams;
    3. three-dimensional modeling;
    4. each object in the 3D model or diagram contains information about its specifications;
    5. automatic generation of drawings based on a 3D model;
    6. intelligent parameterization of objects;
    7. joint project development in a uniform information field;
    8. fast data exchange between different software systems.


Employees of UzLiti Engineering regularly attend courses and trainings to learn and develop professional skills.

Every year, the company conducts certification of employees to assess the competencies of specialists, identify problems and ways to solve them.

Uzliti has implemented a mentoring program, the purpose of which is to train highly qualified specialists for the industries of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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