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Donate Blood, Save Lives!

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UzLITI Engineering big team takes an active part in various charity events. As we approach the holy month of Ramadan, around 100 employees of the design institute participated in a blood donation effort held under the slogan "Donate Blood, Save Lives", organized jointly with Tashkent R&D company “Blood Products” (Қон препаратлари).


The event took place at the engineering company's office, where the medical team arrived. All the required conditions have been created in advance to ensure proper and smooth process within the office building. The employees who volunteered to donate blood first underwent screening and received counselling from hematologists on the spot. All participants were motivated to contribute to the treatment of seriously ill people in need of blood products. The donation process itself was organized in an orderly manner, without a hitch, thanks to the professionalism of the medical institution's team and volunteers. At the end of the event every donor also received the result of clinical blood analysis through an email.  



At the end of the event R&D company “Blood Products” presented a letter of gratitude to Mirgani Abdullaev, a representative from UzLITI Engineering. In addition, the Director of the R&D - Zukhra Ubaidullayeva, Doctor of Medicine, expressed her thanks on behalf of medical professionals and also related on the process of blood collection and transfer:

 “Cooperation between engineers and medical workers has become a good tradition. We would like to express our gratitude to UzLITI Engineering management and personnel for organizing and holding such kind of charity events.”