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About us

About us

Established in July 2017, UzLITI Engineering JV LLC is the largest independent engineering company in Uzbekistan. Based on contemporary engineering methods, the company assures the implementation of competitive projects for oil and gas and other industry sectors.

Despite the relatively young age of the company, the staff comprises both experienced foreign and local specialists possessing unrivaled and solid international experience. They all have in-depth knowledge of local and international design standards.

Uzliti Engineering JV LLC is the only of its kind in Uzbekistan:

  • with more than 60 foreign specialists out of 220.
  • equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which have no equals in Uzbekistan
  • has introduced BIM technology into the design process using licensed software products, which is based on the following principles:
    1. object-oriented design
    2. 3D modeling
    3. each object contains information on its quantitative and qualitative characteristics
    4. automatic generation of drawings based on the model
    5. intellectual parametric modeling of objects
    6. joint development of the design in a uniform information field.